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Trickery is Key: Eagle Eye


Barton was an odd man, Loki would give him that. His views on life were rather sad, in a way. He would so willingly turn his back on the one who created him? Well then it was no wonder said God he spoke of did not care for what happened. He offered a shrug and stated, “But you see, your freedom is your down fall.”

“Should you have stayed under strict rule of this God you speak of. Your world would be safe. You listen to him, he protects. You gain your freedom and wander off against his will, this is where you fall. Leave him, he can no longer protect you.” Loki gave a little smirk. This had been what he had come for, to show this world how peace could work, if they only gave up their freedom to his will.

“This, was my very proposition.” He stepped back from the glass, arms out to the sides, “Let me rule, you will be safe. Give up your self-destructive nature, follow one whom can protect only thing asked for in exchange? Your devotion.”

"Hmm." Barton didn’t bother to turn back to Loki. He could almost feel that smirk burning into the back of his neck. "You make a tempting offer. Someone would have to be in denial to think otherwise." He admitted, gloved fingertips tapping slowly over a bicep. "Problem being, peace without freedom is just a different form of slavery. And I’m not into that. Most people aren’t. Sorry, but humans have been doing this whole fight for freedom thing for so long, it’s pretty normal for us to exchange peace for the ability to do whatever we want. Most of us can justify that to ourselves one way or another.”

A quiet, beeping alarm suddenly went off, its origin seemingly the watch on Barton’s wrist. The agent paused and glanced down at the device, tapping a button to silence it. “Well, people are going to be getting up now.” Straightening, Clint threw a lazy glance back at Loki. “Which is my signal to go get some shut-eye. Hopefully.” Barton started to turn away, then paused. “I can appreciate your position, but the answer is still no. Always will be. Better get used to it.” Regardless, he tugged the chocolate from his pocket and turned to the containment unit.

"S’gonna melt before I feel like eating it." He shrugged as a way of explanation and leaned up on tiptoe - silently cursing his height - to open a small slit at the top of the containment unit and shove the food in. It was shut once more afterwards and Barton turned away once more, hands shoved into his pockets as he turned to head to the door. Fury would probably chew his ass out if they caught that on the cameras, but then he was fairly busy trying to keep the other Avengers from ripping one another’s throats out. 

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Yes, it is. Unless you’ve broken both of your legs, cannot get up and the fate of the world depends upon your immediate movement. 

samwisethebro-deactivated201206 sent: Give me a piggyback ride?

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How did you…?! 

It was for a mission. I had no choice! There was no urge involved. Damn it, Fury. I blame you for this humiliation.